The Road Home to You

Real conversations about mental health and faith

Rest Stop: Psalm 1 and 2

October 8, 2019
The Road Home to You

As we find ourselves in a busier season of life, we decided it was a great opportunity to spend every other week reading from God’s word as opposed to hosting an interview or recording together.

This is the first of our Rest Stops.

Listen here

These are quick little stops along the way, as we go along on our journey of faith and understanding of who God is and who he says we are to Him. May they bless you as you meditate on God’s work throughout the week.

Special thanks to the 126ers for the use of their song “Rainy Days” as the intro and outro.



  1. So, I listened and loved to hear you reading the Psalms to me…However, when it was over I was just left with a blank black screen. I was a bit confused as to what to do next. I decided to come back to the initial page and comment.

    I love this, but I more loved the podcast with your’s and Matt’s take on things. I’m just going to miss it as it stood before.


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