The Road Home to You

Real conversations about mental health and faith

The Road Home to You is dedicated to encouraging people to live out their Christian faith in today’s modern world. Let’s face it, it’s not getting any easier out there, but we were not called to shrink away from the world. Rather we were called to be light on the hill.

At Road Home to You we are seeking to encourage one another as well as our readers and listeners by talking about real life issues we all face. From marriage and parenting to communicating and finding the right church, husband and wife team, Matt and Brandy will bring their collective 70-ish years of faith (!) and talk about practical ways to live in this world but not of this world.

We are not trained professionals or theologists, we are just two very real people having very real conversations in the comfort of our very small bedroom closet. We invite you to join us in the conversation as we journey along on this long road home to Jesus.

Grab a seat and something yummy to drink and let’s get started.

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