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Rewind: Jesus, Politics, and A Christian Response

June 25, 2019
The Road Home to You

As we enter into another Presidential Election, it seemed only fitting to review our approach to politics and people as followers of Christ.


I’d also like to invite you to watch a sermon presented by our pastor, Gregg Chastain at Community Church of Sandy in Sandy, Oregon. We have recently started a series on the book of Daniel. It comes at a perfect time, as we as Christians find ourselves increasingly being marginalized and asked to conform to the world.

View the live stream of the sermon HERE

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  1. Thanks for the service with Greg. That was a great sermon.I think I’ll go back and listen from the beginning sermon on Daniel. You know I’ll catch the podcast this evening. Thanks and love

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    • I really enjoyed it, too! It’s always neat to hear a sermon on a topic you’ve heard a bunch before but then it’s presented in a way you’ve never considered. We’re blessed to have a pastor who loves to dig into God’s word!


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