The Road Home to You

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Rest Stop: Psalm 25 & 26

February 18, 2020
The Road Home to You

Sit down. Rest your feet. Take a deep breath and quiet your heart.

Listen to Psalm 25 & 26 Here

When was the last time you cried out to God with the awareness of your own shortcomings and sins? Have you ever just let it all out? God knows your heart, he knows your deeds, but have YOU actually owned up to your own transgressions?

Follow David’s example. Time and again, David acknowledges his own sins and time and again, he asks for forgiveness and courage to live with integrity. The only way we move closer to God is by renouncing our sin and setting our sights on the grace of Jesus at the cross, where all those sins were washed away in one final sacrificial gift.

God doesn’t want to hold your sin over your head to condemn you. He wants you to address it so that he can transform your heart into one that beats in rhythm with his.

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Special thanks to the 126’ers for the use of their song, Rainy Sundays as our intro and outro.

The New America Standard Bible is used by permission from The Lockman Foundation.

This episode was recorded, edited and produced at 4G’s Studios in Sandy, Oregon. 2020. All rights reserved.



  1. This is not Rest Stop 25 & 26, it’s back to Jonah….I don’t know why Jonah keeps jumping in but he does. I think it might just be on this FB platform though…. You might want to check it out. It was fun to listen to again though.


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